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Kites is a unique company of innovative entertainment concepts founded in 2011, specialized in activity providing, trips and event management with a vision of changing the entertainment culture starting from Egypt to cover the MENA region in near future.
Kites started out there.

Kites have a wide variety of services; starting from one day trips, week trips, abroad traveling, fun days, indoor, outdoor & international schools 'camps, corporate celebrations and also staff development events.

Find out our projects through this website and be part of kingdom of entertainment.

Kites strive to change the entertainment concept in EGYPT

where in kites local or international trips, we are not just booking your accommodation or providing you a way of transportation, however we plan for a customized entertaining package upon your needs and make you live the powerful experience of discovering new scenes in your soul that will satisfy your needs to entertain and discover unique marvelous places you haven`t even imagined that they are existed.

Even in corporate celebrations and staff development events, kites give every single detail a unique entertaining touch starting from selection event venue till the good byes!!

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